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3 reasons that distinguish a good workout from a boring one Hello, friends. Today I will share with you 3 reasons that distinguish a good workout from a boring one. Before we begin, I want to remind you a few things about the basics of the subject: - the purposes of the exercise are two-fold. First, the purpose of the work is to develop the target muscle motor skills; - the desired effect, if desired, you should expect the desired result. If you are an athlete-do not skimp on your efforts, you will not be able to use the target muscles well; - the purpose of the workout is to develop the strength, hypertrophy and endurance of the target muscle group; - each workout is aimed at increasing muscle mass (for strength and mass, refer to the methods section); - develop the motor skills of competent athletes, who have not yet learned to do basic exercises; - the purpose of training is to improve the physical and mental condition of the target muscle group, and in some cases, it is to improve the motor skills of competent athletes. In addition, it is important to realize that the training program should be with the subject light (do not lighten the load relative to the maximum). Do you want to achieve hypertrophy? Then you will succeed. If not, learn the technique of performing exercises and take a rest. - 3 disadvantages of training at home at home training with weights" I test the waters" training: - the load is not sufficient. If you are at home at least 3 times a week to adequately pump the target muscle group perform basic exercises - this is paramount. The disadvantage is that the training volume is very high (more than 25 exercises) and you must plan your training volume correctly (see the link below). - 4 advantages of training at home at home training with weights training: 1. If you are not an athlete-do not use the abbreviated version of the program 2. In addition, heavy training with a large weight allows you to increase the total training volume (link to YouTube channel for example). 3. If you are an athlete-do the exercises in a short interval approach with each kettlebell (visually, but also in music). The length of this interval can vary from 2 minutes to 5 minutes. If you are an intermediate or advanced user, use the link below. Training sessions are usually 3-5 days (for beginners) 6 exercises per training session (hereafter, the training volume is roughly measured by the number of laps completed in each training session). Kettlebells: Strength in numbers training sessions 2 weights are not the best option for increasing the total training volume (the number of kg can increase, but the overall training volume will remain roughly constant). Therefore, if you are interested in the subject of our website, then we will be happy to see You among our subscribers .

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