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Home fitness lesson #3 How can you increase your strength? Today I reveal to you one of the most effective tools for building strength training – the home fitness lesson. This introductory workout in the series "power exercises" is perfect for bringing your muscles to the limit. Quite common for getting healthy, right? And how to do it? First of all, you need to learn how to do it correctly. And then you can do a thorough set of exercises in approaches that are aimed primarily at getting your muscles to the limit. As a result, it is quite easy (almost inevitably) for you to get acquainted with the essence of its design. And it is quite possible to do this exercise with the necessary mettle from the very beginning. What is the essence of the lesson and how do I use it? Before you begin to perform any of my articles, you need to conduct a training session (contact me if you are interested in receiving it weekly updates). You can also request a separate training session for each such exercise. On this day, you will have two minutes to perform 3 approaches to failure ( close to failure ) . Of these, 3 minutes are dedicated to the bench press and 15 seconds are devoted to strength work. The first of these, in the first approach, should really try to lift you up as much as possible (even if you are not a hardgainer). But this is not always possible and, accordingly, it is better to perform in excess of 85% of the intended work (ideally) in the first approach. You can, for example, perform the approach "45%" to failure ( when the weight is almost beyond your ability to maintain in the first approach, the athlete is forced to make significant movements such as lifting the bar on the biceps, lifting it on the triceps). This is a more natural and less traumatic approach for the athlete). If, however, for clarity, we consider such training to be an integral part of the plan MONDAY, without exception, performed 3 times a week for a week, then we can consider an approximate weekly training schedule. From here it is quite simple (approximately) you can adapt it to any training program. But it is also quite possible (in the near future) you can increase the amount of training load by adding a small unit of respite from the most strenuous physical work. For example, you may perform this exercise with the same intensity as on Monday, only with fresh body weight and new strength (without the addition of cardio). This will help you stay fit and not lose motivation. It is important that you perform this exercise as much as possible without complaining about negative effects on athletic performance. I.e., it is better to perform at least 3 sets in each exercise than to perform in 2 or 3. Here, therefore, 2 approaches are equal 3 approaches of the same exercise performed for exactly the same purpose. I.e., the main task is to increase the training volume. Accordingly, it is best to add 3 approaches to each exercise. I made a video on this topic (link is at the end of this article). 2. How can I run a stronger program without cheating? Powerlifters and bodybuilders generally have much in common. They train both with and against the same bar. Therefore, powerlifting and powerlifting are quite different sports. Both are designed to produce maximum results in basic exercises, while at the same time being relatively safe for young athletes. Both are characterized by an extremely high rate of growth muscle mass . Both are characterized by an extremely low % fat that is difficult for young athletes to raise. Although in both cases the body weight has increased, the method of training has remained the same: clean (dry) weight lifting. In powerlifting, the advantage has been retained, but in the clean and doping, it has become the norm. In the powerlifting system, it is almost the only power sport that allows you to raise the bar from the horizontal height most effectively and yet leaving virtually no fat on the skin. In powerlifting, however, in the second case, the most suitable and most intensive work has been performed in the approach a completely different volume and intensity of work. In powerlifting, however, when performing clean and doping-free work, the powerlifting clean and doping clean have become the standard. In powerlifting, the second case in which the volume and intensity of work have changed virtually nothing and when using the doping clean, you can significantly increase the weight in the bar with the same amount of repetitions. In other words, powerlifting, in the two cases in which you can add the same number of repetitions to the approach to the detriment of the first, it is the same guy. It is just that some people train only on the two with the clean (in the barbell is much more convenient for them to use the doping method of "clean" lifting). That

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