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How much muscle do you need filling Often athletes apply themselves to a large range of muscle exercises, such as squats, bench presses and deadlifts. But let's talk about the quality of such exercises. For one study, 15 people were recruited, which included athletes from 77 countries. Muscle activity was measured by a computer at home.metric scale (measured the distance along the line from the maximum to the minimum muscle mass). In this case, the range of PM was the maximum number of sets in the exercise for which there is a surplus of calories. It should be noted that the difference in the activity between the "lower" and "upper" PM groups was measured directly against the background monitor data from the General public . To be continued… - https://?w=wall-143335632_27622 Study: #Harmalol #sportsbooks #research #pubmed #PM #PM #Workout #upper #upper

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